Quick video tutorial

CastleDAO player's war map

Hello General. The CastleDAO wars have started, your duty is to protect your land and battle the enemies.

This is your land:

Generals in CastleDAO need some NFTs to fight against each other and determine who is the bravest of all.

Luckily, in the blacksmit there are some Free Mints that you can have to get started, or remember, you can also invoke many of our integrated collections.

The Blacksmith

In the blacksmith you will find our different collections:

  • Castles
  • Generals
  • DefiHeroes
  • SmolBrawlers

All of our collections have interesting powers and abilities that are relevant to the CastleDAO game.

All of them have unique artworks, strength, speed, abilities and other attributes that we will see later on.

In the blacksmith you can invoke our collections, some of them are free to mint and others cost some ETH.


Generals and DefiHeroes have some attributes that live on-chain, meaning that their power stays with them forever.

You can level up your Generals and DefiHeroes on the "Training" section of the map.

Each of these warriors can go on a quest every 24 hours, and then use the experience to level up all their attributes by one.

How to create a deck?

If you want to start battling, you will need to create a deck. Decks hold your warriors and determine your fighting strategy.

Visit the "My Decks" section and choose one of the gaming modes.

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Tower

Each game mode requires a different combination of cards. To play Classic you will need to own a Castle and a General. But in Modern you can play with any combination of NFTs or Demo Warriors.

To create your deck, select the required number of Warriors (NFTs) from any of the different collections integrated in CastleDAO.

Each collection and warrior have different Attributes. Those attributes are determined by each collection, rarity and other factors decided during the integration of the collection.

What are the different warrior attributes?

The following is a explanation of what each attribute means:

  • Constitution: Indicates the health points of the warrior (multiplied by 20)
  • Strength: Physical damage of the warrior
  • Agility: Probability to dodge and probability of critical hit
  • Defense: Block Damage based on a 100% probability
  • Ability Power: Increases modifiers of abilities by a percentage
  • Speed: Speed determines the order of attack, faster warriors attack first
  • Magic Resistance: Diminishes Effects of abilities by percentage
  • Intelligence: Increases mana regeneration. Spells are cast at 10 mana.

To boost your warriors you can add items to each of them by clicking on "Manage Items":

Each warrior has a capacity (amount of slots for items) that varies between 20-40. Castles have additional capacity, up to 250.

Items will give your warriors additional boosts and abilities.


Abilities are casted at the beginning of the turn. Each warrior can cast one ability and then their mana goes back to 0.

This is a list of the current game abilities:

  • blind: Disable attack and dodge on an enemy for 2 turns
  • freeze: Disables attack, dodge, mana generation and spell casting on an enemy for 1 turn
  • manaFreeze: Disables mana generation on an enemy for two turns
  • energyWave: Deals 10 magic damage to all enemies. Scales with ability power
  • encourage: Increases Strength by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • fast: Increase Speed by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • weaken: Reduce defense by 50% on a random enemy for 2 turns
  • slow: Reduces speed by 50% on a random enemy for 2 turns
  • magic: Increases Intelligence by 100% on all allies for 3 turns
  • poison: Poisons one enemy, reducing constitution by 10% each turn for 3 turns
  • fire: Hits an enemy with fire, reducing constitution by 5%
  • hulk: Increases Constitution by 100% on the caster for 3 turns
  • heal: Heals a random ally for 20% of their base health
  • blessing: Heals all allies for 5% of their base health
  • openWounds: Disables healing for 4 turns and reduces constitution by 3% per turn on a random enemy
  • lightning: Deals 20 magic damage directly to the target
  • manaBurn: Burns the mana of an eneny and applies the mana amount as magical damage. Ignores magic resistance
  • bite: Bites an enemy reducing their defense and magic resistance by 5
  • diamond: Increases Defense by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • assassin: Increases Agility by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns

Passive Abilities

Some warriors have special passive abilities that are always active.

  • DoubleAttack: Has 30% chance to attack 2 times
  • DoubleCast: Casts spells 2 times
  • Revive: Come back to life after dying for the first time.
  • Nurture: Each turn it gains 0.5 on each trait
  • LifeSteal: Returns 30% of the physical damage done as life
  • SpellVamp: Returns 30% of the magical damage done as life
  • ArmorPenetration: Ignores 50% of the armor of the target


Once you have completed your deck and saved it, you can proceed to do a QuickMatch:

If you are playing modern, for example, it will use your Modern deck and match you against an opponent.

Click on "Start combat" and see the execution of the combat.

Right now CastleDAO only supports automattic combats, where the fate of the winner is decided by the attributes of the warriors, items and abilities.

Each battle have different turns and each turn is divided into different phases:

Clear effects

Removes effects from cards, such as poison, fire, etc, that have expired.

Add mana

Each warrior adds mana based on their Intelligence

Cast Spells

  • Each warrior casts spells if their mana reached 10 points. The order of the casting is determined by the speed of the warrior.

  • A warrior's ability increases the effect of the spell.

  • A warrior magic resistance decreases the effect of direct damage spells received


  • Each warrior that is capable of attacking, will perform an attack on a random enemy. The order of the attacks is determined by the speed of the warrior.
  • An attack can be dodged if the agility of the enemy is high.
  • An attack can be critical if the agility of the attacker is high.
  • Some warriors will have passive abilities like Double Attack or Life Steal that can alter the number of the attacks or the effects produced. Every time a warrior takes a hit, it will increase the amount of mana they have.
  • A warrior dies when their life reaches 0. Their total life is determined by its constitution.
  • A high defense will block damage from attacks.


You can earn RUBY by fighting and winning combats against other players, and that will determine your position on the leaderboard.+

Each month CastleDAO resets the leaderboard and rewards the top 3 players of each game mode with NFTs and other things such as access to whitelisted collections.

Now is your turn to start your climb to the top!

If you have any other problem or question, please, refer to our Discord.