What is CastleDAO?

CastleDAO is an off-chain game that utilizes NFT collections (including Castles, Generals, and DefiHeroes) from various blockchains to allow players to challenge each other by creating decks of cards.

How many game modes there are?

There are currently three game modes in CastleDAO: CastlesClassic, which requires a Castle NFT, a CryptoGeneral, and three warriors; CastlesModern, which allows for any combination of cards; and the Tower, a weekly PVP challenge using the same deck as CastlesClassic.

What do I need to play?

All you need is a wallet to connect to our site and start playing. While owning NFTs can improve your deck, it is not required to play.
Also check our How to Play Guide

What can I earn?

CastleDAO gives away NFT rewards to the best players each month and week, which can be traded or sold on secondary markets.

How can I mint?

You can mint Castles and Generals from the Shop page, or you can use NFT collections that you already own.

How can I see my castles?

Connect your wallet and go to your deck builder or to your account (by clicking on your account button).

How can I participate in the community?

You can contribute to CastleDAO by joining our Discord.


I have an NFT collection and I want my userbase to play at CastleDAO, how can I integrate my collection in the game?

The integration is done by the CastleDAO team, with the only requirement to give away 5 NFTs to CastleDAO that will be used for weekly rewards into our user base. In order for us to integrate your collection into the game, it is needed that your NFT has some kind of on-chain metadata or attributes that we can map into our game. *Note, tokenURI attributes may be used too, but onchain data is preferred.
Our warriors have the following attributes:
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Magic Resistance
  • Ability Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Race
  • Class
To integrate your collection, we will map your NFT attributes to the previous set of CastleDAO warrior attributes, and allow users to use them in the fights.
The integration process is the following one: You send our team your NFT collection, and explanation of the theme and attributes. After a review we will tell you if your collection will be added to the game.
Minting integration: If you want your collection to be mintable from CastleDAO shop, an additional 0.2 ETH and 5 NFTs will be required for the integration. The ETH will be used to pay our development team and the NFTs to reward our user base.


How can I move ETH to Arbitrum?

You can go to the arbitrum bridge and bridge ETH to the Arbitrum network. Then you have to switch your network to Arbitrum, you can do it in Chainlist
There are also other ways to bridge ETH to Arbitrum: HopProtocol, Multichain or direct withdrawals from Binance.

My gas price is really high, what i do?

When the gas price is super high is because the item you are trying to mint is already claimed by other user. Go to the available list page and look for another token id

Can I sell my Castles and other collections on Arbitrum?

OpenSea is not available in Arbitrum but there are other marketplaces like TofuNFT or Stratos where you can list your Generals, Castles and DefiHeroes.

I want a Crypto General, how can i get one?

Crypto Generals can be minted for free (if you own a castle) here

What makes a Crypto General/Defi Heroes different than other PFPs?

Crypto Generals/Defi Heroes are cool PFP with unique arts, but also they have on chain attributes. You can give your general a name, bring him/her to quests and earn experience points that you can use to level up your general.


What about the Lore?

You can find more about the Story behind the CastleVerse here

What are the secret quests of CastleDAO?

In order to extract the CastleVerse from the uncertainity of the mind and bring it to reality, several secret quests have been created. Learn more about them at Secret Quests


  • Title: CastleDAO Generation One
  • Contract address: 0x71f5c328241fc3e03a8c79edcd510037802d369c
  • Total Supply: 10000
  • File type: .png
  • Standard: ERC721
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Title: Crypto Generals
  • Contract address: 0x1aaec0fa487a979a3f6b46dccf0ac2648167a61e
  • Total Supply: 12999
  • File type: .png
  • Standard: ERC721
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Title: Defi Heroes
  • Contract address: 0x8ec75bc963181489d7fc1d892f687b8b0987d9ec
  • Total Supply: 4000
  • File type: .png
  • Standard: ERC721
  • Network: Arbitrum
If you have any other problem or question, please, refer to our Discord.