How can I mint?

You can get a random mint from our Mint page

Alternative method: Go to the Minting Contract in Arbiscan. Connect your wallet. In the Write contract section input a available TOKEN id (a number between 0-9800) and a ETH amount of 0.05 ETH. Then complete the transaction. If you have any problem, contact us on Discord.

How can I move ETH to Arbitrum?

You can go to the arbitrum bridge and bridge ETH to the Arbitrum network. Then you have to switch your network to Arbitrum, you can do it in Chainlist

My gas price is really high, what i do?

When the gas price is super high is because the item you are trying to mint is already claimed by other user. Go to the available list page and look for another token id

Can I sell my Castles on Arbitrum?

OpenSea is not available in Arbitrum But other peers are developing marketplaces. You can find links to the different markets on each castle detail page.

How can I see my castles?

Connect your wallet and go to your deck builder or to your account (by clicking your account button). Images take a while to load

I want a Crypto General, how can i get one?

Crypto Generals will launch at the end of October 2021. If you own a castle you will be able to mint a general for free. If not, it will cost 0.05 ETH

What makes a Crypto General different than other PFPs?

Crypto Generals are cool PFP with unique arts, but also they have on chain attributes. You can give your general a name, bring him/her to quests and earn experience points that you can use to level up your general

How can I play the game?

The game is still under development. Stay tunned

How will the game work?

Players will have to choose a castle, a general and several warriors and combine them in a way that their abilities and traits are maximized. Then they will be able to go to the arena and get matched against another random player. Players in the leader board will be able to be challenged too

Are there rewards for winning?

At the beginning the game will use an off-chain points system. The team will work in the future on an onchain tokenized reward system.

Will the game have great graphics?

No, the game will have simple graphics to display the combat results.

If you have any other problem or question, please, refer to our Discord.



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