Parts of the story behind the CastleVerse

The timeline

  • The last King and Queen end their kingdom.
  • The land is now ruled weakly by Seven Lors that hold different parts of the CastleVerse.
  • The Seven Lords declare war on each other, each one wanting to be the king.
  • The war unfolds, turning friends into enemies, making realms and cities turn on each other.
  • One of the Seven Lords, pacts with the orcs and attacks the city of MontranKude. A mighty warrior with the help of the Elves and the Loxodons repells the attack.
  • In the middle of the war, a dark force appears silently in the cold south-west lands. A dark forgotten power has been conjured.
  • Armies of dark foes, skeletons and undead warriors emerge from the south and start conquering the CastleVerse, slashing all life in their path. The Liches and a Witch seem to be controlling the armies.
  • The Seven Lords and all the living beings of the CastleVerse join forces against the Dark armies.
  • A mighty dragon defends two human cities, a victory.
  • Golems, Ents, Elfs, Centaurs, magic, mystic and divine creatures join forces and repell the incoming foes.
  • The Witch is betrayed by the Lord Lich.
  • The purple Wizard and the Mighty Cats reduce the Last Lich to ashes.
  • After the attack of the Liches, only one Lord remains, self-declares himself the king. Nobody cares anymore. A new era begins.
  • The skies open and new magic beings appear in the CastleVerse.

The warriors


/lore/castle-warriors/champion.png picture
The champion defended the citizends of MontranKude with his mighty strength from attacks of the horde.


/lore/castle-warriors/wizard.png picture
An ancient Wizard, older than time. Controls the spells of illusions, mind, fire, air and ice.


/lore/castle-warriors/king.png picture
The King of nothing. A self proclaimed king, the last of the Seven Lords.


/lore/castle-warriors/dragon.png picture
The Dragon defended the Citadel of Samsura and the Castle of Kolorg from the upcoming Dark Army.


/lore/castle-warriors/barbarian.png picture
The barbarian raged against the Seven Lords when his mountains where occupied. Now he is a ronin of his old cause in search of power and freedom.


/lore/castle-warriors/frog.png picture
The Frog is a greedy individual who managed to gather hordes of followers and friends.

Punk Ape

/lore/castle-warriors/punk-ape.png picture
The Punk Ape arrived to the CastleVerse through the bridges of reality. Now gambles it's fortune with the Frog.

Punk Alien

/lore/castle-warriors/punk-alien.png picture
The Punk Alien arrived to the CastleVerse through the bridges of reality. Now sits in conquered castles.


/lore/castle-warriors/witch.png picture
The Witch participated in the Lich Wars, her loyalty only remains to herself.


/lore/castle-warriors/cats.png picture
The Cats are a sacred Omen of Defense and Power. They are mystical creatures who crossed the CastleVerse.


/lore/castle-warriors/priest.png picture
The priest learned his powers in the plains, with the High Priest Loxodon. After the Seven Lords wars he kept wandering around the CastleVerse.


/lore/castle-warriors/skeleton.png picture
The Skeleton is a remaining warrior from one of the Lich Lords.


/lore/castle-warriors/golem.png picture
The Golem was convoked to life by a Druid long gone.


/lore/castle-warriors/ghost.png picture
The ghost of a mighty warrior, now lost.