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Version 0.0.0
Castles NFT (Done)

Launched CastlesNFT on Arbitrum and Ethereum

Fighting Game Beta version (Done)

We developed an offchain game that allows users to create decks and fight against other players.

The game is having around 10,000 fights per month and it includes 20 different integrated NFT collections.

Each month the top players are rewarded with NFTs.

Crypto Generals and Defi Heroes (Done)

Launched Crypto Generals and Defi Heroes on Arbitrum.

These collection have onchain attributes and can be leveled up going on quests. These collections are claimable for free for Castle owners, and served as reward for the community.

They can be used as playable characters on CastleDAO.

Anniversary (Done)

Crypto Generals rework!

  • Adventurers of the Void
  • The Beacon
  • Tales of Elleria
  • SmolAge
Version 1.0.0
$RUBY on-chain

Stake and lock your CastleDAO NFTs to be able to claim $RUBY emissions. You will be able to stake Castles, Generals, DefiHeroes or SmolBrawlers.

Claim your daily emissions


Claim SmolBrawlers. You can purchase SmolBrawlers with $MAGIC or $ETH. You can also claim them with $RUBY.

OpenSource Transformers

Move all the transformers (importing other NFT collections) to TheGraph and opensource them so anyone can add new collections in CastleDAO.

Arbitrum Nova

Create a PoC of the game engine of CastleDAO in Arbitrum Nova.

Fee Mechanism

Introduce a fee mechanism that will allow players to earn rewards directly from each battle and leave fees for the game and stakers.

Version 2.0.0
CastleDAO Staking (To be defined)

Stake $CASTLE or CastleDAO NFTs to earn fees from the V1.0.0 game.

UI Rework

Code a new game UI with a new game engine and improved performance / style.


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