Learn more about the future of CastleDAO.

The Roadmap is subject to change as our product matures

Castles NFT (Done)

Launched CastlesNFT on Arbitrum and Ethereum

Fighting Game Beta version (Done)

We developed an offchain game that allows users to create decks and fight against other players.

The game is having around 10,000 fights per month and it includes 20 different integrated NFT collections.

Each month the top players are rewarded with NFTs.

Crypto Generals and Defi Heroes (Done)

Launched Crypto Generals and Defi Heroes on Arbitrum.

These collection have onchain attributes and can be leveled up going on quests. These collections are claimable for free for Castle owners, and served as reward for the community.

They can be used as playable characters on CastleDAO.

Other NFT Collections (Ongoing)

Launch of other NFT collections, all of our NFT will have onchain attributes.

Free mints, rewards to current players, and other things to be defined.

Ecosystem Integration (Ongoing)

Integrate many more collections as playable characters and items in the game.

CastleDAO Staking (To be defined)

Launch of the initial ERC20 $CASTLE token that will be rewarded to users who stake their Castle NFT

Stakers will receive a percentage of the Land sales and future collections.

The full details about the tokenomics are reflected on the Tokenomics page.

UPDATE: Possibility of not doing a token and integrating with the $MAGIC ecosystem instead.

Land (To be defined)

CastleDAO Land NFT is a collection of NFT that includes ERC20 token generation.

Each land can be purchased with $CASTLE tokens. Later on it can be staked to generate different resources (IRON/GOLD, etc).

Items (To be defined)

Items can be crafted by burning ERC20 Tokens (IRON/WOOD and others).

Items can be traded or used in the fights.

Fighting Game V1

We will try to scale the game to be able to have real time matches, a better UI and infrastructure.


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