Invoke your Smol Brawlers

How to:
  • Stake amount:

    150 $MAGIC

  • Stake period:

    2 weeks

  • Rewards:

    3 NFTs + 2.93 $MAGIC

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My progress (Simulation)

Week 0
+0.00 $MAGIC
Week 1
+1.46 $MAGIC
Week 2
Claimable (naked)
+2.93 $MAGIC
Week 3
Find Boots
+4.39 $MAGIC
Week 4
Find Body Armor
+5.85 $MAGIC
Week 5
Find Left Hand Weapon
+7.32 $MAGIC
Week 6
Find Shoulder Armor
+8.78 $MAGIC
Week 7
Find Helmet
+10.24 $MAGIC
Week 8
Find Right Hand Weapon
+11.71 $MAGIC
Week 20
Something magical happens
+29.27 $MAGIC

– AboutSmol Brawlers is a Free to Mint / Stake to Earn collection developed by CastleDAO.

– How toTo mint a Smol Brawler you will need to stake 50 $MAGIC on the brawler training ground for two weeks.

– QuestEach additional week you keep your $MAGIC staked, your brawler will go on a quest and will be able to find new gear.

– RewardsYour $MAGIC will generate rewards meanwhile it is staked, and after finishing your quests you will recover all your MAGIC + Rewards + Smol Brawler!

– GamePlay with your Smol Brawlers in your CastleDAO deck!