New Ruby System for 2023

Welcome 2023

The year 2022 is coming to an end and with it, new changes arrive!

Starting on January 2023 the new leaderboard and ruby system. Note: this is a test concept that we will be iterating until it creates a sustainable model for players.

New Ruby System

Every day you will be able to claim 50 RUBY by visiting the Bank of CastleDAO. You will need to submit 10 RUBY to the gates of the arena to challenge other players. As a reward you will earn 20 Ruby back if you win, if you are defeated you will lose your 10 RUBY and 5 RUBY will be sent to the challenged player.

New leaderboard system

Players in the leaderboard will not be ranked by RUBY, instead they will accumulate fight points through each victory. Those points are called:

  • SAGA for Modern
  • LEGEND for Classic
  • EPIC for Tower

Each time you win a battle on Modern and Classic you will earn 1 Battle point ( SAGA or LEGEND ). The tower points will continue to operate like until now. They are less relevant since there's only 1 top player.

Using RUBY

Players will be able to spend RUBY to unlock new warriors that will be added to the "FREE Warriors" area in the deck manager. Unlocking a warrior will allow to use it in your deck.

We will explore how these new features turn out and wait to hear your feedback.

Have a happy new year!

If you have want to know more about us, please, refer to our Discord.