Whitepaper (v0.2)

This Whitepaper is in revision until the publication of the Castle protocol v1.0.0. The information provided here is subject to change.


Slayers Of Moloch is a game developed by CastleDAO.

It leverages NFTs and blockchain technology to generate permanent rewards and to create a new way to play and earn in the blockchain space.

Slayers Of Moloch is a strategy game where players can build their decks with a variety of CastleDAO warriors or other NFTs. Each warrior has its own unique abilities and strengths that can be used to defeat other players in battle.

The game also incentivizes competition creators to invite new players to join the game in their challenges.

Motivation and alignment

CastleDAO was born with the intention of bringing utility to NFT collections and giving NFT holders another reason to enjoy their collectibles.

Initially funded as a play-for-fun game, it embraced an inclusive approach by integrating more than 20 different collections from the Arbitrum ecosystem (SmolBrains, Realm, Tales of Elleria, Arbidudes, FootyNouns, Blueberry Club, Toadztools, Dopex Pepes, among others...).

Over the last year, CastleDAO has been giving monthly rewards in the form of CastleDAO NFTs, $MAGIC tokens, $ELM tokens, and other NFTs to the engaged players who have participated in more than 100,000 fights in the game.

Since the early days of Arbitrum, we have witnessed TreasureDAO and $MAGIC grow and align different communities around their token and ecosystem. CastleDAO has always been a parallel actor but followed a similar philosophy, by integrating new collections into our game and seeking ongoing partnerships and collaboration.

We want to state our alignment with the TreasureDAO ethos also, through our new token mechanics and the inclusion of $MAGIC (as already done), $ARB, $ELM, and in the future $ANIMA and others in our ecosystem as tokens that bring utility and can be used in the game.

With that said, we continue with our mission to create a fun, rewarding, and inclusive ecosystem, and with that in mind, we are introducing the first version of the CastleDAO protocol and the RUBY token.


Slayers Of Moloch is a strategy game where players can build their decks with a variety of NFT warriors. Each warrior has its own unique abilities and strengths that can be used to defeat other players in battle. Players can also use any other integrated collection in the game, unlocking them by burning RUBY tokens.

The game and gameplay are evolving through time, and we encourage you to try our current implementation of the game at https://slayersofmoloch.com, and to join our discord server to provide feedback and suggestions.


Players in the game can participate in a variety of competitions to challenge other players or earn rewards with their NFT decks.

Competitions are the equivalent of tournaments or closed participation challenges where the enlisted players compete against each other to win a prize. Anyone can create a competition, define a set of rules and rewards, and invite players to participate. The competition creator can also set a minimum number of participants required to start the competition.

There are two types of competitions: public and private. Public competitions are open to anyone, while private competitions are only open to players who have been invited by the competition creator.

Rules of the competitions

Competitions will allow for different types of game modes; the creator will be able to choose between: Tournament, Versus, or Battle Royale, among others. The creator will also be able to limit the entrance to decks with only specified NFT collections.

For example, The SmolBrains Cup will be a tournament where only players with a SmolBrains NFT can participate.

Competition fees

Competition creators can set a fee to participate in their competitions. The fee is paid in $MAGIC, $RUBY or other integrated token, and the creator can choose to keep all the fees or distribute them to the participants. The creator can also specify new rewards for the participants, such as NFTs or any ERC20 token.

This allows for the generation of an incentive for players to participate in the competition and for the creators to generate revenue from their competitions.

Creating a competition will cost some $RUBY tokens, which will be partially burned and some sent to the GreatVault.

CastleDAO will charge a 10% fee on all competition entrance fees. This fee will be distributed to the DAO treasury and used to fund future development of the platform.


RUBY is the utility token of the Slayers Of Moloch game, which means it has various use cases within the game's ecosystem. RUBY is partially deflationary because a portion of the tokens used to pay for fights are burned, meaning they are taken out of circulation permanently. This reduces the total supply of RUBY tokens and increases their scarcity, potentially leading to a rise in their value.


(Note this is a draft, and the tokenomics may change in the future)

RUBY will have a floating supply, initially capped at 500 million RUBY tokens. The initial token allocation will be 10 million RUBY tokens, with 1 million reserved for the team for staking and liquidity purposes. 2 Million RUBY tokens will be distributed to historical CastleDAO players, 2 Million will be reserved for the community Airdrop, and 5 Million will be reserved for the Great Vault. The remaining 500 Million RUBY tokens will be distributed to the community through the game and competitions over time.

Ruby Generation

Players can earn RUBY tokens by staking NFTs, winning battles, and achieving certain milestones in the game. The main source of RUBY token generation will be the staking of Castle NFTs at the beginning of the game, and with time it will be displaced to other game events.

These RUBY tokens can be used to create new competitions, pay entrance fees, purchase NFTs, items and packs, and pay for fights within the game.

Ruby Burning

In the game, there are certain uses for RUBY: opening competitions, paying for battles, and purchasing booster packs or items. During these processes, RUBY tokens are partially burned and partially sent to the GreatVault, which later on distributes them to stakers.

The GreatVault

The GreatVault is a smart contract that holds all the ERC20 fees accrued from the game. It acts as a reserve for the game and can distribute rewards to RUBY stakers or be used for liquidity purposes.


Phase 0

As a way to thank the loyal players of Slayers Of Moloch (SoM), CastleDAO will distribute a portion of the initial RUBY tokens to historical SoM players. These players will receive RUBY tokens based on their achievements in the original game, such as the number of battles won, milestones achieved, and NFT collections owned. This initial distribution is CastleDAO's way of recognizing the contribution of the CastleDAO community to the success of the game and welcoming them to the new adventure.

Phase 0 - Current

  • Deploy the initial version of competitions, using $MAGIC instead of $RUBY tokens.
  • Improve deck building and battle mechanics.
  • Improve the user experience and add new features to the game.

Phase 1 - A brave new world

  • Launch staking, allowing players to stake NFTs to earn RUBY tokens.
  • Enable RUBY token purchases with $MAGIC tokens.
  • Deploy the Great Vault
  • Integrate Meta-Transactions that will allow players to have gasless onchain transactions.
  • Change the fee system in the battles and move from virtual ruby to $RUBY tokens.
  • Airdrop RUBY tokens to the community.

Phase 2 - The Warriors of the Castle

  • Transfor the castledao warriors into ERC1155 NFTs and reset the current decks and collections.
  • Create a registry for unlocking collections, which players can unlock by paying RUBY tokens.
  • Allow RUBY tokens to be used to purchase booster packs containing random castledao warriors.

Phase 2.5 - Staking

  • Allow users to stake $RUBY

Phase 3 - Consumables

  • Introduce ERC1155 consumables that can be used in battles and can be minted using RUBY tokens.
  • Prepare the launch of SmolBrawlers

Phase 4 - Taming the beast

  • Explore more mechanisms for token burning to prevent excessive inflation.
  • Providing liquidity $MAGIC/$RUBY


  • Explore new ideas like: Guilds, Tournaments, User Achievements.

Disclaimer: Slayers Of Moloch is a game, and the information provided here is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this document should be considered financial advice. Please do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investments. Slayers Of Moloch is not responsible for any financial losses that may result from participating in the game.

If you have want to know more about us, please, refer to our Discord.