CastleVerse is a fun play-to-earn game developed by CastleDAO. It allows players to earn RUBY tokens by staking NFTs, which they can claim every day and lock in the game's contract. Players can use RUBY tokens to pay for fights, and some of the tokens are either burned or sent to RUBY stakers. Players who stake RUBY tokens can earn rewards from the game fees. To purchase RUBY tokens, users can use $MAGIC tokens. RUBY tokens are partially burned and sent to stakers, and $MAGIC token fees are distributed to RUBY stakers and partially to the Great Vault.


CastleVerse is a strategy game where players can build their decks with a variety of Castledao warriors. Each warrior has its own unique abilities and strengths that can be used to defeat other players in battle. Players can earn RUBY tokens by staking NFTs, winning battles, and achieving certain milestones in the game. These RUBY tokens can be used to purchase booster packs containing random Castledao warriors to add to your deck.

RUBY tokens are also used for unlocking new collections, buying consumables, paying for fights and increasing the inventory space.


CastleVerse will have a maximum token cap of 500 million RUBY tokens. The initial token allocation will be 100 million RUBY tokens, with 20 million reserved for the team for staking and liquidity purposes. During the first few months of the game's launch, staking for users will not be enabled, but will be later introduced. On the long run, the token cap may be altered in case the game requires to mint more tokens to keep working, we want an economy that is not fixed but is moving.

RUBY tokens can be earned by staking NFTs and winning battles. A portion of the RUBY tokens will be burned, and the rest will be sent to RUBY stakers. RUBY stakers can earn additional rewards from game fees. Users can purchase booster packs with RUBY or $MAGIC tokens. RUBY tokens are partially burned and partially sent to stakers. $MAGIC token fees are distributed to RUBY stakers and partially to the Great Vault.

The Great Vault will hold all the $MAGIC fees accrued from the game and will be used for liquidity purposes or to reward players on the leaderboard.


RUBY is the utility token of the CastleVerse game, which means it has various use cases within the game's ecosystem. It is used for staking NFTs, purchasing booster packs, and paying for fights within the game.

RUBY is partially deflationary because a portion of the tokens used to pay for fights are burned, meaning they are taken out of circulation permanently. This reduces the total supply of RUBY tokens and increases their scarcity, potentially leading to a rise in their value.

Additionally, RUBY stakers can earn rewards from the game fees, which are paid in RUBY/$MAGIC tokens. This creates an incentive for users to hold onto their RUBY tokens, further reducing the circulating supply and potentially increasing their value.

However, it's worth noting that the tokenomics of RUBY can be altered by the game developers in the future to meet the changing needs of the game's economy. For example, if the game requires more RUBY tokens to be minted to keep the economy running smoothly, the developers may choose to increase the token supply. Alternatively, if the token supply becomes too scarce, the developers may choose to burn fewer tokens or implement other measures to stabilize the economy. Therefore, the deflationary or inflationary nature of RUBY depends on the decisions made by the game developers and the user adoption.

Game Modes

CastleVerse has two game modes, Classic and Modern. In Classic mode, players must use a Castle and a General in their deck. In Modern mode, any combination of Castledao warriors can be used.

Deck Building

To participate in battles, players need to create a deck using a combination of NFTs from the various collections available. Each warrior has its own attributes and abilities that can be used to gain an advantage in battle. Players can also equip their warriors with items to further enhance their abilities. Warriors have attributes such as Constitution, Strength, Agility, Defense, Ability Power, Speed, Magic Resistance, and Intelligence.

Players can use other collections that are integrated in the game, unlocking them by burning $RUBY.


Phase 0

As a way to thank the loyal players of Castledao, CastleVerse will distribute a portion of the initial RUBY tokens to historical Castledao players. These players will receive RUBY tokens based on their achievements in the original game, such as the number of battles won, milestones achieved, and NFT collections owned. This initial distribution is CastleVerse's way of recognizing the contribution of the Castledao community to the success of the game and welcoming them to the new adventure.

Phase 1 - A bright new world

  • Launch CastleVerse, allowing players to stake NFTs to earn RUBY tokens.
  • Enable RUBY token purchases with $MAGIC tokens.
  • Deploy the Great Vault
  • Integrate Meta-Transactions that will allow players to have gasless onchain transactions.

Phase 2 - The great reset

  • Reset all decks and create booster packs with random castledao warriors that can be used to build new decks.
  • Create a registry for unlocking collections, which players can unlock by paying RUBY tokens.
  • Allow RUBY tokens to be used to purchase booster packs containing random castledao warriors.

Phase 2.5 - Staking

  • Allow users to stake $RUBY

Phase 3 - Consumables

  • Introduce ERC1155 consumables that can be used in battles and can be minted using RUBY tokens.
  • Add more collections and integrate them into the game.

Phase 4 - Taming the beast

  • Explore more mechanisms for token burning to prevent excessive inflation.
  • Providing liquidity $MAGIC/$RUBY


  • Explore new ideas like: Guilds, Tournaments, User Achievements.

In the future, CastleVerse may introduce new game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. One potential game mode that is being explored is land defense. In this mode, players will be able to purchase LAND with RUBY tokens and stake their castles to generate resources. The land will be automatically defended and attacked to produce different rewards, providing players with a new way to earn RUBY tokens. These new game modes will be designed to create new experiences for players and further expand the CastleVerse universe.

Disclaimer: CastleVerse is a game, and the information provided here is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this document should be considered financial advice. Please do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investments. CastleVerse is not responsible for any financial losses that may result from participating in the game.

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